Spring update

Well, lots have happened these last few months. I’ve parted ways with my label (on good terms) to continue on my own with the Swedish track “Inte jag” being the first single. It’s currently doing good on Spotify thanks to their Indie Highlights playlist and my beloved fans. 


On the 18 of May I released a single with the artist and producer I Am Snow Angel. It’s called Someone to Save Me and it turned out real good with me writing the music and Julie (IASA) taking care of vocals and lyrics. There’s more coming out of that collaboration so stay tuned!  


Last week the soundtrack for the short film Spiral by Gustav Olsson was released. It’s real dark and moody and I had a blast writing it. I’ll share the film once it hits the www.  


Right now I’m finishing an Ep set to be released in the fall. I’ve been going back and forth about making an album out of it, but as it stands now it just sounds better in a four track format. Apart from all this I’m just enjoying the late spring with my family and thinking of fun things to do with The Land Below in the near future.  

Take care /Erik

Ottersjö, Halland. 

Ottersjö, Halland.